Over 26,000 people have watched my DIY Wormery Video on Youtube and not called me out for being a weirdo (because I keep them in my apartment)

Hey, I’m Dani D’Silvez

Living Low Waste since 2014

What I Do Different

  • I don’t Judge
    Instead, I show you how to master your mistakes by turning them into rocket fuel to focus on big wins.
  • I’m realistic
    We don’t all have Bulk food stores or supportive room mates and family members. Let’s find what works for you.

What I Believe

Whilst I started my journey to Low Waste, I saw the same recycled tips over and over again. Telling me to visit a Bulk food store and to make all my food from scratch. None of this worked. I lived in a small town and the idea of fitting my waste inside a mason jar was not realistic.

So, I researched why it wasn’t working for me. Turns out, I wasn’t living up to my own expectations of what Zero Waste is and what I can achieve in my household.

Every single day, I am inspired to do more that boosts the small steps so everyone can achieve their own version of success.

We no longer live in a society that supports Low Waste. But, that WILL change. The more people that begin living Low Waste, the sooner the changes will begin.

This is me

I always found myself asking too many questions and accidently finding loopholes in companies Environmental policies.

‘Wait, you claim to be a Green award winning University yet you threw away all of the 200+ students belongings after they moved out?’

Instead of turning a blind eye, I did something about it.

Now I work with Low Wasters to turbo-charge their methods and master the amount of waste they send to landfil.

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